Choosing a funeral that is right for you

Friend of Safe Haven, Frances Alcock, was a nurse for over 30 years. After attending her uncle’s funeral, in 2013, she decided to set up her own funeral company, Opals, and now wants to offer more choice and transparency to those who require her services.

The cost of funerals has risen greatly and, by being transparent about the costs, she hopes families will feel more comfortable about discussing this, and she is happy to work alongside you to organise a funeral that you can afford.

Opals specialises in offering a more relaxed approach to funerals, but can also offer the more traditional approach; whatever your family prefers, as Frances is passionate about getting it right.

Funerals are changing, and the emphasis tends to be more on ‘celebrating a life well lived’. People are tending to move away from religious funerals, and as our population gets older, telling the unique story of an individual’s life can sometimes become more difficult if our memories fade, and with dementia some of those stories can be lost altogether.

Frances also trained as a celebrant, and would like to offer any Safe Haven client and their families a chance to remember and record those memories before they are lost. Her gentle, friendly approach and experience will help gather those ever so important memories and stories. Also, by making a note of the music that is enjoyed and hobbies that have been shared, a true picture of the person will be recorded.

Opals is also on hand to offer any advice that may be required. Unfortunately, funerals are arranged when families are distressed and not thinking clearly. Some pre-planning can relieve some of the stress and upset involved when somebody dies.

It’s a common theme at most funerals that families always comment how they think the person that has died would have liked their ‘final farewell’; that’s why it is important to ‘have the conversation’.

Should you wish to contact Opals, you can do so by emailing Frances at: Alternatively, you can call her on 07753 251 996 or visit for more information.

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