Finity’s Caring for Life Workshop

Safe Haven are always interested to support any local groups or organisations that are working in areas that have a connection to dementia and care, so we were very happy to be invited to Finity’s Caring for life workshop, on Monday 2nd February 2015. Jo Withers, who runs Finity, asked Safe Haven’s owner, Pauline Delpoio, to facilitate a debate about caring for a dementia sufferer.

Finity’s main aim is to encourage people to think about and discuss all the varied issues that need to be considered as people head into their later years and eventually move towards end of life, so Pauline jumped at the opportunity of being involved in such an important workshop.

The turnout was great, and once everybody had settled in and taken their seats Jo introduced a number of health and care professionals, who went on to talk about how they can help the local community deal better with the difficult situations we all find ourselves in at some stage or another relating to health and care issues. Age Concern and Carers Bucks were represented at the workshop, and it was great to hear about the wonderful services that these two organisations offer people in our local communities.

After the talks, people were able to concentrate on areas of personal interest to them, with various debates taking place. Pauline and Jo led the discussion about dementia care and support.

We all know that it’s not easy to think about the stressful issues that life can throw at us as we get older, so Finity are doing a fantastic job of getting people to plan ahead, so that when they are faced with difficult health and care situations, they are much better prepared, and able to access the help that is available to them.

For more information about Finity, visit their website at: www.

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