Howzat for sporting activities at Safe Haven?

FriendsAs more and more clients join Safe Haven, they each bring with them a selection of past and present interests and hobbies, often including a variety of sporting activities.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to add to our sporting equipment, and clients now regularly participate at various levels in snooker, cricket, football, badminton, golf putting, hoopla, velcro darts and skittles, and it’s growing all the time – table tennis being next on our agenda.

We were already aware of the many benefits that can be achieved when a person with dementia takes part in some kind of physical activity. As well as helping to improve their general well being and quality of life, it’s a great way to also improve sleep, one’s mood, helps to maintain healthy bones and muscles, improves the health of the heart and blood vessels, aides the ability to dress, clean, cook and perform other daily activities, helps improve memory and slows down mental decline and reduces the risk of falls by improving balance and strength.

However, what has surprised us is how a client’s passion for one particular sport helps to form fantastic bonds and friendships with other clients and staff.

GolfIt’s great to see a client re-developing the skills and knowledge they may have lost due to their dementia, but have now re-connected with the sport and are encouraging other clients to get involved and start playing a sport that they may have never played before. This is a great way to improve confidence and self esteem both for the client giving the coaching and encouragement and for the client who is learning the new sport.

In most cases, the expertise and advanced levels that our clients once played sport at is now played at a far gentler pace, but the competitiveness and team interaction is still very much apparent for all to see.

With ample space inside and out, we‘re pleased to say that sporting activities at Safe Haven can be enjoyed all year round.

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