Reaching out and taking Safe Haven on the road

Safe Haven Dementia Centre took another big step forward recently with the commencement of our “Outreach” service, designed to provide respite care to those who cannot attend the centre.

Launched sooner than anticipated, we did so after feeling compelled to come to the aid of one of our regular clients, who was unexpectedly admitted to The Whiteleaf Centre, in Aylesbury, for treatment. Having attended Safe Haven since we opened, it soon became evident that the environment, coupled with our approach towards him, had a calming and contenting affect, which enabled him to fully participate in all of the activities on offer, so making the most of his time spent with us.

As his family were delighted with the progress he had made in our care, they asked if it would be possible for us to continue running our sessions with him at the clinic on a one-to-one basis. As we were only too delighted to oblige, our staff will continue to visit him until he is well enough to be discharged and return to our centre. We appreciate the importance and benefit of continuity, so to be able to carry on the work we had already started with the client was fantastic news for all concerned.

Having now seen exactly how well the service can work offsite, we look forward to continuing to offer Outreach visits as an additional service to people who are hospitalised for long periods, or to those who are permanently house-bound.

For more information, please call 01494 854 399 or email:

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