Safe Haven goes all PC (person-centred) with its activities

At Safe Haven, we place the upmost importance on providing person-centred activities and care, as we find that this approach helps us to see each person as an individual with their own unique interests, abilities and needs.

Soon after conducting our initial assessment, we set our sights on completing the client’s ‘Life History Form’. This document allows us to almost take a step back in time to find out as much as we can about the person, and how their life has developed over the years.

For clients with more severe symptoms of dementia, the ‘Life History Form’ can often enable us to find the person behind the condition, and reconnect with their hobbies, interests and lifestyle. For example, a person may have lost the ability to play a game of chess, but may still find the chess board and pieces familiar, so simply moving the King and Queen around the board and handling the Rooks and the Pawns can bring much comfort and relaxation to them.
Many of our clients have had interesting careers, and we recently had great fun when helping a lady reminisce about her days on the big stage. With the use of hats, scarves, make-up and jewellery, we focused on her glittering days on the stage and the smile on her face said it all.

Another gentleman we work with is an extremely talented artist, who has unfortunately shied away from his love of painting since developing dementia. Through conversations based around his paintings, and with the encouragement of his carer, he eventually brought a selection of prints of his favourite pieces into the centre, and it was fantastic to see the joy he found in showing the paintings to other clients and staff members. We are hopeful that he may paint another masterpiece for us in the not too distant future!

It’s important to appreciate that adapting the hobbies and interests to suit the person’s current abilities may be necessary, so we see no reason why people with dementia can’t safely participate in as many of the things that they have always enjoyed doing.

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