Safe Haven’s social scene sees many a friendship forged

Since opening our doors, and alongside being a dementia daily respite centre, Safe Haven is quickly making a name for itself in the local community as a social hub where people can come and make new friends.

Whether you have been diagnosed with dementia, are starting to worry about your memory loss or are just feeling a little lonely and isolated, spending time at the centre might be just what you need.

Many carers tell us that when their loved ones are socialising with others, they appear less confused and their memory issues seem to improve. Other research suggests that avoiding isolation and loneliness can delay the onset of dementia, and improve wellbeing generally. There is no concrete evidence that this is the case but, in our experience, when you lift a person’s spirits, it can only have a positive affect all round.

Carers of people with dementia are often in full-time employment, so as well as looking after their own children and family, finding time to socialise with the person they care for can sometimes feel like an impossible task, leading to feelings of dreadful guilt.

RecordsMany of our clients attend Safe Haven to take part in group and one-to-one type activities, and as we pay special attention to person-centred care, they have the opportunity to re-connect with past hobbies and interests.

However, not everyone who attends a day centre wants to do activities, and this can put people off attending altogether, as they have this preconceived idea – or in some cases an actual past experiences – of pushy people trying to force them into doing things they’d rather not do.

At Safe Haven, we appreciate that some clients may just want to use our facilities as a place to relax; sometimes quietly looking through a magazine or just sitting and watching the birds. Others enjoy having a chat and laughter with fellow clients and staff, and as we have more than enough space, we really can cater to all of our clients needs.

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