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Open Monday to Thursday, from 10am to 4.30pm

Daily respite on a full or half-day basis

Regular and short-term respite

Advice and support for carers

People with dementia and their carers often feel isolated within their communities and struggle to cope. Safe Haven Dementia Centre will be able to offer them a welcome respite from their equally difficult situations.

At Safe Haven, each client will be fully assessed in person, and a detailed care plan will be created to make sure that the environment and care is suitable for their needs. This includes a comprehensive behavioural chart, which will enable us to understand any triggers that may result in various behaviours. This will also be of great use to the current carer, helping them to handle any difficult situations that may arise at home.

Our staff are experienced at working with people who have mild symptoms of dementia, such as some memory loss or confusion, right through to the severe stages, and all have previously worked within elderly mentally infirm units (EMI), where various levels of client aggression and frustration can be common place.

During their respite sessions, clients can choose to take part in a variety of person-centred activities and therapies, and enjoy our regular entertainment programmes. There is always a quiet corner for clients who prefer their own space, and a choice of larger and smaller groups to participate in.

Our sessions can improve the confidence and self-esteem of someone living with dementia, resulting in the person regaining some independence and the opportunity to have some life of their own away from the family home. Many of our clients find that their sleeping habits improve, and anxiety and depression issues are relieved.

Safe Haven prides itself on its home-from-home and cosy atmosphere, and is an ideal venue for people with all levels of dementia to socialise and be themselves with like-minded people. Not everyone with dementia likes to participate in activities, so the centre is also a place to make friends and interact with others.

Prices include all activities, specialist therapies, entertainment, lunch, afternoon tea and other refreshments throughout the day.

For more information about how Safe Haven Dementia Centre could be of assistance to you, please call 01494 854 399, or email us at: enquiries@safehavendementiacentre.co.uk