Taking a stroll down memory lane with Safe Haven’s walkers

With the warmer weather now upon us, the more mobile clients at Safe Haven are thinking with their feet and stretching their legs as they stride into the great outdoors for regular afternoon walks.

After a busy morning and a very hearty lunch at the centre, clients can be forgiven for feeling a touch sluggish, and the thought of a long “siesta” is often quite tempting. However, although we’re not adverse to clients having “40 winks”, snoozing the afternoon away is not something we encourage at Safe Haven. So, to avoid missing out on some lovely fresh air and sunshine, we have introduced the ’Afternoon Stroll’ as a regular activity when weather permits.

For our mobile clients – and those in wheelchairs – we take a leisurely stroll around the local neighbourhood, heading towards our local park where, on arrival, we take a well deserved rest and admire the views across High Wycombe and the vista beyond.

Walking 2We are constantly told by health experts that regular walking at any pace will improve overall wellbeing, so being part of a walking group has obviously many benefits. It can give a person the opportunity to chat and socialise with others, breath in the fresh air, feel part of the local community, keep abreast of what’s happening around them – such as noticing new buildings popping up and new shops opening – recognising local faces and places, helps with depression and eases some of that unwanted back pain.

Taking a stroll can also help bring back many memories of places and people from days gone by, allowing people to remember the road they used to live on as a child, the route they used to take every day to school or work, romantic strolls taken during one’s courting days and sometimes simply saying “good afternoon” to a passer-by can be very nostalgic indeed.

For more information about our activities, please call 01494 854 399 or email us at: enquiries@safehavendementiacentre.co.uk

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