What's On

Professional Chiropody by Julia Adam of Feetreat

Every eight weeks on a Tuesday

Offering a gentle and caring approach, alongside specialist experience of working within the dementia and care fields.

Music Therapy at Safehaven Dementia Centre

Wash & Blow-Dry at Safe Haven

Every Monday by appointment only

If washing your loved one’s hair has become difficult, we can help

Safe Haven Dementia Centre - Wash and Blow Hair

Music Therapy

Once a month, on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings

Enhancing the lives of those living with dementia through the power of music

Music Therapy at Safehaven Dementia Centre

Professional Hand Massage with Debbie Arthurs

Every Tuesday morning.

Beneficial for joint care, and promotes general wellbeing.

Hand Massage at Safehaven Dementia Centre

Arts & Crafts Therapy

Every Tuesday afternoon

Inspiring creativity, conversation, and positivity

Arts and Crafts at Safehaven Dementia Centre

Flower Arranging

Once a month, on a Thursday afternoon

Bringing people together with a mutual appreciation of nature and colour.

Flower Arranging

Creative Corner

Every Wednesday afternoon

Knit, sew, crochet and make something beautiful

Flower Arranging

Chair Exercise

Every Wednesday morning

Stay active by gently exercising the body while helping to keep the mind positive

Flower Arranging